Though application downtime is inevitable, it doesn’t have to be immobilizing. The time from when a part fails to when it’s fixed is critical. That’s why John Crane strives to increase uptime by maintaining the fastest service response times in the industry.  Eight strategically located turbomachinery service centers and 300+ engineers worldwide allow us to respond quickly to failure investigation and technical issues — anytime, anywhere.

In 2002, John Crane propelled itself to the forefront of turbo engineering by developing a reliable support system that enhanced the efficiency of its customers’ turbomachinery operations. Since then, we’ve responded to increasing demand for our expertise by globally expanding our comprehensive service network. We recently opened our newest facility in Dubai, the only one of its kind in the Middle East, where we’re proud to offer our regional turbomachinery customers unprecedented local access to specialist insights and support.

1.1 Turbomachinery Testing

Our state-of-the-art dry gas seal test rigs — eight internationally — allow for full dynamic testing underclient-specific operating conditions in a wide range of environments. Customers can even witness real-time testing data remotely, thereby speeding delivery and reducing average lead times for returning repaired components. Each test adds new information to our database, helping us to better understand and address turbo engineering issues that occur in the field.

1.2 Bearings Services

John Crane's bearing services provide proven and reliable support for maintaining critical equipment at maximum capacity. Backed by decades of turbomachinery experience — from repairs and troubleshooting to upgrades — John Crane provides engineered solutions that ensure optimal efficiency and reliability. Our rapid-response support is available 24/7.

Available services:

·         Product repair and in-kind replacement

·         Product spares

·         Application review and optimization of bearing design to improve bearing performance and extend operating life

·         Upgrading existing bearing materials or designs to accommodate changes in machine conditions, such as re-rates or troublesome operation

·         Fast-response repairs for minimal downtime

·         Technical support and advice

Our support services go beyond providing direct replacements for bearings and seals. Customers return for advice and help with their turbomachinery issues because John Crane approaches things differently, always looking for new, more cost-efficient ways to tackle common problems. We understand that unplanned downtime can pose a significant economic problem for our customers, which is why we work hard to provide robust solutions that optimize machinery reliability.


1.3 Upgrades, Refurbishments & Retrofits

In addition to our critical equipment services, we can also identify opportunities for application improvement — even in competitor turbomachinery equipment. Component upgrades, refurbishments and retrofits can enhance turbomachinery reliability and efficiency, and our turnkey solutions handle every aspect from initial review to final connections and tie-ins — including ongoing support. Our unmatched range of innovative turbomachinery products includes:

1.4 Seals

AURA™: Gas seal technology that can reduce operational and transactional costs, and leakage rates by up to 15 percent.

28AT dry gas compressor seal: The most widely used non-contacting, dry-running gas seal in the industry

28XP dry gas compressor seal: Optimized to provide reliable performance on higher-pressure duties

28EXP dry gas compressor seal: A highly effective solution for challenging and hostile environments

93FR non-contacting separation seal: Prevents migration of bearing oil into the dry gas seal cartridge

28ST steam turbine seal: Non-contacting, steam-lubricated solution for small- to medium-sized applications

1.5 Hydrodynamic Bearings

Fixed geometry bearings: Precision-engineered, energy-efficient solution for all load types

Tilting pad bearings: Cost-effective solution for oil film instability issues

Combined bearings: Versatile solution that automatically adjusts to varying conditions

Thermoplastic and metallic labyrinth seals: Offer reduced running clearances, improved safety and increased efficiency and reliability

1.6 Power Transmission Couplings

METASTREAM® brand H-CE coupling: Satisfies the rigorous demands of critical high-speed applications

1.7 Seal Support Systems

INOVITTM brand dry gas seal support  and gas conditioning system: Features Monobloc technology to meet challenging demands

1.8 Filtration Systems

Liquid filtration: Filters designed for almost any liquid application, from lubrication, hydraulic or bearing oil systems to water injection systems

Seal gas filtration: Removes liquid and particle contamination to allow continuous supply of clean, dry gas

Fuel gas filtration: Individually tailored for maximum reliability, regardless of the condition of the supply gas

Fuel oil filtration: Patented elements remove water and particle contamination for maximum reliability

Double 3-way and 6-way transfer valves: Provide continuous operation while one side receives maintenance

Filter elements: Patented design for maximum performance and running time between change-outs

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Repair service center

Repair service center

Though application downtime is inevitable, it doesn’t have to be..


Though application downtime is inevitable, it doesn’t have to be..
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Support Network

Though application downtime is inevitable, it doesn’t have to be..
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