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Seal Face Technologies

Our comprehensive suite of seal face technologies are designed to overcome rigorous sealing challenges, including limited seal face lubrication and severe-service duties that adversely affect reliability, operational costs and seal life. Designed by our engineering experts, John Crane’s face treatment options help your equipment power through low-lubricity and dry-running conditions by using advanced micromachined patterns and features to improve seal face lubrication to optimize the performance of rotating equipment in all process industries. Available for different seal types, dependent on the unique challenges faced by the application, John Crane delivers the right face technology for the right application.

Overcome Severe-Service Duty Applications Placing Seals at Risk

Tackle high heat generation, low-lubricity, intermittent dry-running conditions, and abrasion:

  • Reduce costs
  • Reduce leakage and water waste
  • Improve pump reliability and lifecycle
  • Maximize rotating equipment operations 
Upstream Pumping