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Aura® 120NS

Vendor: John Crane
Type: Seals

Aura® 120NS

Narrow Section Dry Gas Seal

Aura® 120 narrow section gas seals enable the latest John Crane gas seal technology to be fitted into older equipment, bringing with it the benefits of non-contacting design. Gas seal technology eliminates the need for oil lubrication associated with contacting seals and the resulting need to address harmful emissions trapped in the oil.

Investing in retrofitting oil seals to dry gas seal solutions will increase the reliability of compressors and other rotating equipment. The Aura® 120 narrow section design applies decades of retrofit experience to minimize upgrade costs and accelerate turnaround.

Oil and gas methane emissions are the second most important greenhouse gas source, accounting for ~18% of total climate human-related climate impact. Upgrading legacy compressors to dry gas seal technology can reduce methane emissions by up to 95 percent.

See the Economic Benefits of Retrofitting with Gas Seals and calculate the benefits using the John Crane Lifecycle Cost Calculator.

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