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Vendor: John Crane
Type: Couplings

The affect equipment misalignment has on mission critical high speed and high torque turbomachinery operations is immense. Increased stress on shafts can affect entire processes resulting in decreased operating efficiency and increased maintenance costs due to significant equipment downtime. John Crane’s H Series couplings are lightweight and proven to accommodate misalignment safely and reliably. Fully compliant with ISO10441 (API 671), H Series couplings come with built-in safety in the form of an emergency back-up drive, safeguarding your people and assets. Together, we will work with you to keep your mission critical operations up and running at optimum efficiency, with support and guidance from our experienced power transmission couplings team. Contact a team member today.

Applications Include: Turbo compressor machinery, Turbine generators sets, Marine turbine main propulsion, Boiler feed pumps, Development test stands

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