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Double 3-way and 6-way Transfer Valves

Vendor: John Crane
Type: Filtration

Ball Valves for Interlinking Heat Exchanger Equipment

Indufil® ball valves are designed in-house and manufactured for use in duplex systems to enable continuous operation while one side of a system receives maintenance. In addition to Indufil duplex filters, heat transfer equipment such as shell and tube heat exchangers are also commonly duplexed. Indufil double 3-way ball valves provide a safe and reliable changeover mechanism between two pressure vessels.

For duplex plate heat exchanger installations, Indufil has designed a patented 6-way transfer valve system. This system enables simultaneous changeover from both the operating fluid and the cooling or heating fluid by using one common handle for the complete installation. This unique concept creates a safe operation of 12 connections at the same time. The compact valve design and changover system minimizes its overall footprint.

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