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Replacement Filter Elements

Vendor: John Crane
Type: Filtration

John Crane’s Original and Genuine Indufil® Replacement Filter Element

John Crane exclusively produces Indufil replacement filter elements. The John Crane or Indufil name and logo are the only sign of authenticity. Rely on authentic OEM replacement filter elements to ensure the safety and reliability of your valuable equipment.

Developed to fit a variety of seal gas filtration system brands, John Crane’s Indufil replacement filter elements meet the latest API standard for compressor dry gas seals and are fully tested in accordance with ISO 12500.

Costly equipment modifications or replacement filtration systems are not typically required. By replacing your current filter elements with the reliable John Crane alternative, you can enhance the dependability of your gas seals, boost uptime and optimize operational availability.

Optimize Equipment Performance and Reduce Operational Costs

With an in-depth understanding of how a comprehensive filtration system can affect the performance of dry gas seals, we leveraged our expertise to design and develop high-quality filter elements. They can eliminate contaminants down to and below a fineness of 1 micron and are proven to exceed efficiencies of 99.9% on both particles and aerosols.

Pleated filter material enables significant contaminant holding capacity. This increases the interval between John Crane’s Indufil filter element replacements by up to five times compared to a rolled element design.

The Trusted Choice for John Crane’s Genuine Indufil Replacement Filter Element

For all your centrifugal compressor seal and filtration needs, look no further. As the exclusive supplier of John Crane’s Indufil replacement filter elements, you can trust our team of experts to provide unparalleled filtration solutions. Contact us today to experience our superior filtration expertise.

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