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Diaphragm Couplings

Diaphragm Couplings

Vendor: John Crane
Type: Couplings

John Crane’s Metastream® M Series diaphragm couplings are designed with features to increase the safety, reliability, productivity and profitability of your plant. These diaphragm couplings meet the requirements of API 610 as standard and are suitable for any market or application where you need a diaphragm coupling.


Metastream diaphragm couplings are a multiple disc (membrane) straight diaphragm design. Like all diaphragm couplings, it disconnects the drive from the driven machine in the event of a torque overload or excessive misalignment that causes the diaphragm coupling to fail. The pre-assembled pack that includes the Metastream diaphragm coupling design also includes a safety device that in the event of a diaphragm coupling failure allows the equipment to be shut down safely while helping to prevent extra damage. Due to the pre-assembled pack(s), any damaged diaphragm packs can be easily and quickly replaced.


Applications for diaphragm couplings include centrifugal pumps, potable water pumps and pipeline compression machinery.

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