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Vendor: John Crane
Type: Seals

Global Standardized Upstream Pumping Support System, Reservoir Version

The Global Standardized Upstream Pumping Support System (GS USP) is an optimized, pre-engineered design based on John Crane’s fluid control expertise and engineering excellence. The GS USP is a best-practice solution that significantly reduces specification review and delivery schedules, delivering unpressurized barrier water for optimal mechanical seal performance and reliability.

The GS USP supports a dual mechanical seal using John Crane's Upstream Pumping (USP) face technology by controlling the continuous supply of clean water. The clean water is supplied to the seal at low pressure, where it is pressurized as it passes across the seal faces, lubricating the seal. It features a reservoir, which is auto-filled by a float valve, instrumentation for monitoring pressure and level, a filler breather and a check valve.

This product is designed to match the performance limits of John Crane's standard USP seal products. Combining a USP seal with the GS USP unlocks access to significant reliability improvements and reduced running costs by reducing motor power and water consumption.

The GS USP-R is a modular design and can be upgraded with the following:

  • Pressure gauges upgraded to pressure switches or pressure indicating transmitters
  • Addition of a level switch or level indicating transmitter
  • Addition of a filter to the supply
  • Addition of a pressure relief valve
  • Addition of a heat exchanger

The GS USP-D, an alternate version of the GS USP, connects directly to a site water supply and omits the reservoir to supply a higher pressure to the mechanical seal.

For more information about John Crane's Upstream Pumping seal face technology, visit the USP web page.

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