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VIKING Norsafe, JYN-50 MKI, conventional (22 persons)

Vendor: Viking Norsafe
Type: Lifeboat

VIKING Norsafe, JYN-50 MKI, conventional

Item number B00101010

VIKING Norsafe JYN-50 MKI totally enclosed lifeboat can seat up to 22 persons. A high quality boat with good stability in rough sea, built in accordance with IMO/SOLAS requirements, LSA Code and EC-MED.

  • Constructed with fire-retardant glass-fibre reinforced polyester (GRP)
  • Launched by a cantilevered platform davit or single pivot davit
  • Positive stability up to 180°

    Full description

    VIKING Norsafe JYN-50 MKI TELB keeps your personnel and passengers safe and protected. The boat can be launched via various davits, offers high stability and are used all over the world. Our lifeboat systems are robust and can easily withstand powerful winds and high waves in extreme weather conditions. Even if damaged or fully flooded, they are self-righting and unsinkable.

    Boat can be delivered with either VIKING Nadiro Drop-in-Ball™ system or VIKING Norsafe TOR MK-2 offload release hook.

    Information about dimensions/capacity/weight etc. can be found in the corresponding datasheet and drawing.

    This boat can be delivered as Tanker/Offshore or Dry Cargo version.

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