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Sigma® 500 Sheet Material (PTFE)

Vendor: Flexitallic
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Sigma® 500 is a high performance biaxially orientated sheet sealing material containing PTFE and hollow glass microspheres.

Sigma 500 is biaxially orientated PTFE containing hollow glass microspheres.

Colour: Blue

Enhanced compressibility for low bolt loads

Improved flexibility over conventional calendered and graphite sheets

Moderate concentrations of acids & caustics, chlorine and hydrogen peroxide

Can be used for all concentrations of sulfuric acid

ApprovalDVGW, EC1935, FDA, FDA Compliant, TA Luft, USP Plastic, WRAS
Flange FaceFlat, Raised
Maximum Temperature260°C / 500°F
Minimum Temperature-200°C / -328°F
Pressure51 Bars / 739.69 PSI
Pressure Class150 & 300
Pressure RatingPN40

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