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Thermiculite® 715 Coreless Sheet

Vendor: Flexitallic
Type: Gasket

Thermiculite® 715 Coreless Sheet

Thermiculte® 715 is a high temperature coreless sheet material.

Thermiculite® 715 is a superior performance sheet sealing material comprising of chemically exfoliated and thermally exfoliated vermiculite with aramid and synthetic fibres bound with a high quality nitrile rubber.

Thermiculite® 715 is a replacement for compressed fibre sheet material and tanged graphite sheet

ApprovalAPI 607
Flange FaceFlat, Raised
Maximum Temperature454°C / 849.2°F
Minimum Temperature-120°C / -184°F
Pressure51 Bars / 739.69 PSI
Pressure ClassASME 150 & 300
Pressure RatingUp to PN40

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