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Type 5280 (W, D, G, GD)

Vendor: John Crane
Type: Seals

Modular, High-performance, Hygienic Design Agitator Seal for Steel Vessels

The first choice for ultra-clean pharmaceutical and biotechnology applications, Type 5280 vessel seals apply Qualified Hygienic Design (QHD) and GMP standards and guidelines to enable the cleaning and sterilization of the product wetted process area with the seal in place (CIP, SIP). Due to the rotating seat design, the inboard sealing components protrude into the vessel, making them accessible for cleaning and/or sterilization devices installed in the reaction vessel. To avoid recontamination of the process vessel via the applied barrier fluid, a steam sterilization of the seal's barrier room is feasible on request. The rotating seat design allows for application to top, side, or bottom entry mixers or agitators as well as products with a higher viscosity or solid content. This makes the seals a perfect solution for special equipment such as dryers or process filters.

Due to their modular design concept, Type 5280 seals are available in liquid-lubricated (5280 W), gas-lubricated (5280 G) and dry-running (5280 D) versions as well as a unique gas/dry face combination (5280 GD). Advantages of contacting dry-running seals include freedom from contamination by barrier liquid and a low face wear rate together with a cost-efficient, easy-to-install (gas) supply system. Advantages of gas-lubricated versions (G, GD) include the non-contacting and wear- and particle-free operation. The GD design reduces the overall barrier gas consumption compared to G version.

Type 5280 is part of a seal family consisting of different seal types that are suitable for different vessel materials: Type 5280 for steel, Type 5281 for glass-lined and Type 5282 for special alloy vessels.

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