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VIKING Norsafe GES-50 MKIII free-fall lifeboat - 70 persons

Vendor: Viking Norsafe
Type: Lifeboat

Item number P0301004018

The VIKING Norsafe GES-50 MKIII lifeboat provides a secure and protected means of escape for persons onboard vessels or platforms. The lifeboat is for skid launch by a specific davit.

  • Design and construction fulfil the need for reliable, low maintenance standby and operation

The VIKING Norsafe GES-50 MKIII freefall lifeboat is designed and manufactured according to the latest SOLAS Classification Society, National Authority requirements, and built in compliance with DNV-OS-E406.

The advanced lifeboat system offers:

  • Rapid evacuation time from muster point to water entry 
  • Free-fall launch alone (without engine power) will move the boat to a safe location, away from the platform
  • Simulated release systems to allow manned launch drill without free-fall launch
  • Reduced risk of equipment failure or malfunction during maintenance, testing or operation                                                              

Information about dimensions/capacity/weight etc. can be found in the corresponding datasheet and drawing

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