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KLE: Building a Cohesive Team through Birthday Celebrations and Regular Dining Gatherings 2023

In an ongoing effort to cultivate a positive and cohesive work environment, Khanh Linh Company frequently organizes birthday celebrations and dining gatherings among its offices, marking a sense of closeness and support among its members.

Monthly birthday celebrations provide an opportunity for colleagues to share joy on their special days. More than just a moment for congratulations and gift-giving, these occasions create a festive atmosphere, allowing everyone to enjoy relaxed moments and interaction at small parties.

Additionally, regular dining gatherings between offices are an essential part of the company's schedule. These gatherings serve as an opportunity for employees from different departments to meet, chat, and share their work experiences. Not only do they enhance understanding and interaction among members, but they also create a comfortable and immersive work environment where people can naturally discuss work matters without feeling pressured.

One notable aspect of these activities is the active participation from all departments and levels within the company. It is evident that organizing such events is not only about commemorating and entertaining but also about fostering strong bonds and mutual respect among members within the organization.

In summary, the regular birthday celebrations and dining gatherings are not only a great way to create a positive and cohesive work environment but also an opportunity to enhance understanding and interaction among members at Khanh Linh Company. This contributes to increased work efficiency and creates a community of happy and satisfied employee