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KLE Explores and Evaluates Oil and Gas Exhibition 2023: Initial Step in International Collaboration Journey

Ahead of the significant event, the Oil and Gas Machinery, Equipment, and Industrial Accessories Exhibition (OGAV) 2023 in Vung Tau, KLE has decided to participate in the phase of exploration and evaluation of this event. This marks the initial step in the company's journey to explore and assess the potential, scale, and collaboration opportunities in the oil and gas industry.

With participation in this process, KLE aims to grasp information, stay updated on trends, and gain a better understanding of the products and services showcased at the exhibition.

The exhibition serves not only as a showcase for leading products and equipment in the oil and gas industry from various countries worldwide but also as a forum for experts and businesses to share experiences and seek collaboration opportunities. The industry-specific conference and the "Safety in the Oil and Gas Industry" workshop organized by PVD Training have garnered significant attention from businesses, contributing to enhancing knowledge and skills in this field.

With the mission of being a crucial trading bridge, OGAV 2023 promises to create numerous collaboration opportunities and drive sustainable development in the oil and gas industry, not only in Vietnam but also globally. KLE hopes that through the exploration and evaluation process, we will have more opportunities to identify the right development direction and contribute to the growth of this essential industry.

In the context of increasingly fierce competition and continuous technological advancements, participating in events like OGAV 2023 is not just an opportunity to promote the brand but also a chance to learn, seek new collaboration opportunities, and drive sustainable business growth. KLE is confident that with determination and effort, we will continue to explore and leverage every opportunity to develop and contribute to the prosperity of the oil and gas industry, not only in Vietnam but also globally.