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KLE Enhances Professionalism Through Training Programs in 2023

 In 2023, Khanh Linh Equipment & Engineering Joint Stock Company (KLE) made a concerted effort to enhance the professional skills and knowledge of its employees through the organization of various training sessions and programs both internally and at the official representative companies in Vietnam.

Recognizing the significance of continuous learning and development in an increasingly competitive business environment, KLE invested significantly in training programs aimed at equipping its staff with the latest skills and knowledge in their respective fields.

Internally, KLE organized multiple training courses conducted by experts from representative companies or with top personnel in the company's product and service lines. These training sessions focused on improving technical skills and delving deeper into the products represented by the company.

Furthermore, the company sent selected employees to participate in training courses at its official representative companies in Vietnam. These programs not only helped them gain a thorough understanding of the products and services represented by the company but also expanded their knowledge and provided opportunities to interact with leading industry experts.

This initiative not only enhanced the professionalism of the company's staff but also contributed to improving the quality of service and customer satisfaction. KLE believes that by continuously improving and training its workforce, they will maintain their position in the industry and effectively meet all market demands.