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Cherished Memories at Sam Son Beach - Khánh Linh Company's Team Building Activity

In April 2022, KLE organized a memorable team building activity at Sam Son Beach - FLC Villa Complex. The participation of employees from various cities, including Hanoi, Vung Tau, Thanh Hoa, Quang Ngai, and Ho Chi Minh City, created a lively, bonding, and meaningful gathering.

Meet and Bond

Amidst a cheerful and exciting atmosphere, employees from different cities converged at Sam Son Beach. Under the sun and on the white sand, they had the chance to meet, chat, and get to know each other. New connections were established, and existing relationships were strengthened. This showcased the unity and camaraderie in the company's diverse working environment.

Engaging Beach Games

On the second day of the trip, everyone joined in on the fun beach games, creating exciting moments and unforgettable memories. From building sandcastles to energetic team games on the beach, participants not only engaged in enjoyable activities but also fostered team spirit, cooperation, and overcoming challenges together.


FLC Villa Complex - A Place of Enhanced Bonding

The FLC Villa Complex at Sam Son became a special place of bonding in the hearts of the participants. The feeling of sharing the same living space, exchanging experiences, and conversing in the comfortable villa environment generated an intimate and enjoyable atmosphere.

Exploring Hanoi - Concluding a Meaningful Journey

After the vacation at Sam Son Beach, many chose to extend their plans and explore Hanoi city. This not only allowed them to learn about the culture, history, and tourist attractions in the capital city but also provided an opportunity to share impressions from the meaningful team building journey.


The team building trip at Sam Son Beach not only created joyful and meaningful memories but also strengthened the bond and team spirit within Khánh Linh Company. Moments on the beach, within the villa complex, and during the visit to Hanoi solidified the friendliness, collaboration, and laid a strong foundation for the sustainable development of the company and internal relationships.